“Bringing Wheat Back To Our Backyard”

Author’s Note: This interview is reprinted with the permission of Edible San Luis Obispo. Shameful disclosure: I never used to think about where my flour came from. I took for granted the straightforward convenience of my supermarket’s baking aisle.  But lately I’ve been reminded that flour comes from a plant. Grown in the ground.  By … Continue reading “Bringing Wheat Back To Our Backyard”

“Once Upon A Table”

Author’s note: This article is reprinted with permission from Central Coast Magazine. It is now easier than ever to be a locavore on the Central Coast.  By now, you’ve probably taken the opportunity to visit a farmer’s market for fresh vegetables and fruit.  Maybe you’ve even subscribed to a community supported agriculture program or bought … Continue reading “Once Upon A Table”

A Non-Traditional Holiday, A Long Way From Home

I have no clue what a bean vermicelli is, but I am determined to find one in this grocery store. I wearily scan the box of rice paper wrappers, attempting to tease out a definition for the elusive legume from the recipe for “Authentic Thai Spring Rolls.” Toss together thinly sliced carrots, bean sprouts, shredded … Continue reading A Non-Traditional Holiday, A Long Way From Home

Sustainable Living in Paradise

Sustainable Living in Paradise: Biodynamic Farming in the Heart of Tuscany It’s a Saturday afternoon in Tuscany, near the town of Montespertoli outside Florence, and the fat tagliatelle and preserved artichokes from lunch are settling in happily for the customary mid-day nap. I will rest until 2pm, when the “get-to-work” bell rings and Poggio Antico … Continue reading Sustainable Living in Paradise